Lecture Overview

Title: Photographing Lighting Projects Correctly
George Gruel has spent the past decade perfecting the art of digital night-time photography, and will cover the basics of digital photography and camera settings for photographing the lit landscape at night, the post production methods in Photoshop and will have the ever popular question and answer period at the end in his lecture, "Don't Be Afraid of the Dark." With "Remote LIVE View Shooting" enabled, the audience will be able to see what he sees though the viewfinder of his Canon EOS 1Ds MarkIII, as he shoots a demonstration set up. He will be showing in real-time how he shoots. Feel free to bring your own camera along with you to ask questions about it too.

Synopsis of the course:
Objective 1:
To teach anyone that wants to photograph their own projects, how to do it well... with the use of multiple exposures, teach proper composition and implement the rule of thirds, what equipment works well and various techniques that I’ve perfected over the years.

Objective 2:
To show the difference between good and bad lighting photography and how each may impact their presentation to potential clients and returning customers. To open eyes to things that they have not really noticed, but once aware will change their mode of work, to some degree.

Objective 3:
To teach designers how to work with a photographer and how to hire a competent one.

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"Photographing Lighting Projects Correctly"

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